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Rebecca Herring

Hi all:

Thank you for bearing with me as I moved our group from Yahoo to here. Let me reiterate why we made the move, and then I'll share some of the new features that you can use to filter out email that you might not want to get.

Ever since Yahoo took over, and turned it into Yahoo Groups, the service has been going downhill. In the last few years, the ability to upload photos crashed, calendar reminders ceased, updating the calendar became sporadic, and sometimes there would be a significant delay in sending a message out. There was also an issue when another trans social group dubbed themselves SeattleTrans Life (coincidentally, our club President at the time was also a founding member of the new group). When the Rose City T-Girls started using, a couple of us who had joined their website noticed. We saw it was working better than Yahoo Groups, and I saw it could do everything Yahoo Groups was supposed to do, and more. So let me get into some of this more stuff, as it may be of interest to those annoyed at the way we filled your inbox last Thursday.

Like Yahoo Groups, subscribers (you) can edit how you'd like messages emailed to you; in fact, your SeattleTrans setting has been ported to Emerald City T-Girls. You can do that on the group site via "Subscription" towards the top of the left menu bar. Quickest way there from here is to click the link "view/reply online" located on the bottom left of this email. You may have to set up a password first. Just enter your email and will send a link to it.

Perhaps you'd like to somehow filter which messages get emailed to you. There are two new tools that can help with that. In fact, you may have noticed them down there near that "view/reply online" link at the bottom left. First is "Mute This Topic". Click that link and you will no longer get emails to further replies to that thread. So if you didn't care who was going to karaoke last Thursday, you could've used that link and stopped up to all seven of the replies that calendar notice had. Just the thing for when a topic you're not interested in goes viral.

Second is "Mute This Hashtag". Please notice I have started adding hashtags to all my emails, and the calendar has its own hashtag. So you can mute "#cal-reminder" and not get emailed two days before a calendar event. Or mute "#WeeklyNotice" and no longer receive "On Tap This Week."

In either case, that just stops the email; you will still see all messages on the group site under "Messages" in the left menu bar.

Rebecca Herring

Rebecca Herring

Rebecca Herring here:

I have added a few more predefined hashtags to our group, and note I'm being a little remiss about explaining them as I'm seeing a post that perhaps should have a #Thursday hashtag, but doesn't. Again, the purpose of hashtags is so our subscribers can edit the messages they receive so their email won't be filled with a thread they clearly won't have an interest in. I've also noted some events have had details added to the #cal-reminder message, and it's possible a subscriber may have muted that hashtag and just uses the #WeeklyNotice sent on Sunday.

So here are all our hashtags.

These hashtags should be used to indicate the day of the week an event occurs:


Do NOT use the above hashtags for multiday events. They are so subscribers can mute events that occur on days they can't make.

The following hashtags denote events sponsored by groups other than the Emerald City Social Club:

#GASS  -  An event run by the Gender Alliance of the South Sound
#NWClassyLadies  -  Lynn Marie's group that usually meets Fridays at Quil Ceda.

Finally, we have our own hashtag:

#ECSocialClub  -  For events open ONLY to Emerald City Social Club members.

One more thing. Please do not mark our email as spam. Some domains report back to the sending domain when someone marks an email as spam. will automatically remove that subscriber, and send an email with a link to resubscribe with a seven day time limit. That email may automatically get sent to the spam folder. Again, if a thread gets out of hand, use the "Mute This Topic" at the bottom of the email.