Event: Karaoke at Jules Maes Saloon #Thursday - 09/16/2021 #cal-reminder #Thursday

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Reminder: Karaoke at Jules Maes Saloon #Thursday

7:00pm to 11:00pm
(UTC-07:00) America/Los Angeles

Jules Maes Saloon, 5919 Airport Way S. - Seattle, WA

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LIVE, from Georgetown, it's karaoke at Jules Maes Saloon.

Once again we are doing in person karaoke; this time we are doing it at The Jules Maes Saloon in Georgetown at the corner of Airport Way and Nebraska St. Come at 7:00pm, order dinner and socialize.

Jules Maes Saloon uses the Feel Good Pros songbook. Find it online here: http://songbookslive.com/ViewBook.aspx. You may need to type "FeelGoodPros" in the search bar.

Karaoke will start at 7:30. Come earlier and have a nice dinner and socialize. And karaoke is free; we will not be collecting money but please tip the KJ.


The Feel Good Pros mask policy:

As karaoke hosts, we aren't going to be the mask police for the entire venue. If a venue let's patrons throw darts, shoot pool, wander about selfishly without a mask, that's on them.
They are risking their liquor license and the income of their staff (not to mention our income as well).
But we do control our karaoke experience.
My crew is empowered to say "No. You can't sing because you are not/have not been abiding by the mask mandate."
If you want to sing at an FGP Karaoke show -
- Wear a mask when speaking to the host
- Wear a mask when walking to and from the stage
- You can remove your mask while singing (or keep it on)
Otherwise, you don't sing.