On Tap This Week: 4/12 - 4/19 #WeeklyNotice

Rebecca Herring

Here are your event(s) for this week:

Thursday, April 15th, 7:30pm to 10:30pm: Karaoke at the Golden ZOOM  #Thursday Online via ZOOM. Meeting ID 948 432 5685
Download a karaoke app for your phone or computer and join us for an evening on Zoom. Stingray karaoke on YouTube is good. Use "karaoke" on your song searches. Or just sing over one of your favorite songs. Bring your own food and drink.

A few notes on doing karaoke via ZOOM (if you want to sing). ZOOM does NOT default to a karaoke friendly mode. Follow these steps:
1. Use the computer version. Open ZOOM and click on the settings gear on the upper right.
2. Select Audio on the left menu bar, DESELECT "automatically adjust volume" in the middle of the page. Go to "Advanced" at the bottom right.
Select "show option to 'enable original sound' from microphone." Close settings window. Double check that your computer doesn't have any other software that may be filtering background noises. Double check all settings adjusted thus far to ensure they didn't get changed back to defaults.
4. If using external speakers, orient them towards the mic. If not, Use Zoom's Share Screen option (on bottom) to share computer sound. Consider recording a private session on Zoom to learn the balance between computer audio and mic. I suggest starting at an audio slider at 80% and mic slider at 90% on Zoom's audio settings.
5  If needed, go to YouTube or wherever you find your karaoke, size your windows so that you can see your karaoke window and ZOOM. If needed, launch several tabs, one for each song you wish to sing, get any ad out of the way, and pause until it's time to sing.
6. Join the ZOOM meeting.
7 When it is your turn to sing, click  on the "turn on original sound" box at the upper left. It should turn from grey to blue.
If you need to use computer sound as noted in step 4, now is when you activate it. If needed, exit full screen in ZOOM, reverting back to the resized window.
8. Start the song. Sing. Remember YouTube may go elsewhere when the song ends so stop it.
A tutorial on all that is here:


I can also do a run down of how to do karaoke using the edited screenshots I made for the July newsletter, if needed. I will go over both methods of doing karaoke, have had success doing both, the pros and cons of both, and a few things that came up after I wrote that article.

Join Zoom Meeting https://washington.zoom.us/j/9484325685 Meeting ID: 948 432 5685 One tap mobile +12532158782,,9484325685# US (Tacoma)